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At BecomeaTeacherEDU, we are an independent educational organization that is a leader in our field. We have compiled information packets for students wishing to pursue teaching as a calling. Our information materials are designed to be so comprehensive and exhaustive, that you can print them out and refer to them as you proceed in your higher education and career goals, step by step.


Become a Teacher educators

We have information that will help you meet all entrance requirements and prerequisites as you move from high school, through your bachelor's program, and your credentialing. Our career guide for teachers also helps you to understand the demands of your future occupation to ensure you are making the right choice of career, based upon your personality, temperament, and abilities. We also help you plan for career advancement steps, such as additional education, once you are credentialed and working in the classroom. We have found that it is best for candidates to see the entire picture from high school, college, credentialing, starting out as a teacher, and on to graduate programs and career advancement opportunities. Only then can you be sure that teaching is truly the best career path for you.

Our information is independent and unbiased. We do not support any particular school or program.

If you prefer an online program for your bachelor's and/or master's degrees, we have information to help you locate the best online university for your needs. We also have information about hybrid programs that combine on-campus and online coursework.

We update our information when government-compiled statistics or colleges and universities change programs and requirements, so our information reflects the current state of teacher education and earning power.

What We Do

We provide you unbiased and independent news and comprehensive information on different types of career paths for teachers, degree programs, credentialing requirements, scholarship and grant sources, and news.

At BecomeATeacherEDU, our goal is to provide comprehensive information that will help you navigate successfully through choosing, meeting prerequisites for, and being accepted to the best university for your needs; finding scholarships and grants; choosing the best major to position yourself for credentialing requirements in your chosen level of teaching; understanding the demands of the position and expected salary in your state; and understanding your options for career advancement.

We provide information on the accredited bachelor's and teaching credential programs in your state. For those who are returning to school, we provide information on bachelor's-completion programs and requirements for transferring one's credits. Our scholarship information will point you toward scholarships for future educators as well as state-specific scholarships and grants.

We are the all-in-one place to find out how to become an educator.


What type of information do you provide?

Overall, Become a Teacher EDU provides information on career options, degrees, accredited universities and their programs, as well as information on all types of financial aid.

Since teacher credentialing requirements vary by state, we provide information about earning your degree and your credentials that are specific to your state. We also provide information on the types of credentials you can earn in your state, different degree programs from accredited universities, career associations and their benefits, news from the field, and outside resources.

More specifically, our degree information for teachers includes information on specific degrees at accredited universities that lead to state credentialing. We are honest in our explanation of the length of time it will actually take to complete your degree and credentialing program. We provide information on the requirements and prerequisites you will need to be accepted at accredited universities in your state and their accreditation information.

The financial aid information section will help you understand the different types of financial aid and their pros and cons. You will find many scholarship and grant sources listed that are divided into sections of general scholarships, degree-specific scholarships, and those for women, minorities, people in the military, and people with disabilities.

Our salary data is also state specific and is broken down by type of teaching position. It comes from the most recent government-compiled information.

You’ll only need one stop at BecomeATeacherEDU to find everything you need to plan your higher education and career path as a teacher.

Does your website cost money?

Our website does not cost students money to use. We are an independent educational organization that presents unbiased, comprehensive information about career paths, schools, and employment and earnings trends. We encourage you to browse and print out our guides, look into career listings and locate salary information as you desire. There will never be a charge for using our website.

How often is your website updated?

Whenever the government publishes new information on employment and hiring trends and potential earnings, we update our information. We update our website when scholarship information changes. We also update our website information in response to changes in state teacher credentialing requirements and to changes in programs at colleges and universities around the nation.

If ever you see an issue with any information provided on our website, please contact us and we will update everything as needed.